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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

PlayShop understands that you care about your privacy and we are tried to being transparent about how we collect, use, store, and share your Personal Information. This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") describes the information we collect about you, how it is used and with whom it is shared and explains the rights and choices you have to control how we handle your Personal Informat.

It is possible that during your use of the site we will collect data using forms, cookies and pages you visit. We will store the information in our databases and we will be able to analyze the data using advanced technologies, including the use of artificial intelligence systems that our company develops or systems developed by third-party companies.

We undertake not to sell or pass on to third parties any information we have collected about you while browsing and using your site.

It should be emphasized that the main purpose of collecting the information on our site is to give users a better and technologically advanced user experience.

It should be noted that the user does not have a legal obligation to provide the user's information to the company (but without providing it - it will not be possible to use all or part of the site's services) and that the user's information is provided voluntarily and with consent. The user hereby expressly agrees to the use of the user's details as stated above and that such use will not be considered an invasion of privacy by the company and / or anyone on its behalf.

At PlayShop, we put the customer's goodness and privacy first.
And make every effort to provide you with the highest level of service while maintaining your privacy.

Your use of this site constitutes your agreement to this privacy policy.