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La Beaute - Red Fiber Serum

Serum for dry, dyed and damaged hair (including hair that has been toned / bleached /straightening and a variety of chemical treatments). No salts and no parabens.
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The serum  balances moisture throughout the hair - from the ends to the scalp,  protects the hair from sun damage, heat styling and various chemical treatments and helps restore split ends. Gives hair moisture that penetrates the hair root and stays on for a long time. Regular use of the serum will give your hair a healthy look with shine and a magical fragrance.

Based on a vitamin complex of active capsules that nourish the hair , melt into it and reach its depth immediately as soon as they come in contact with it.    


The complex contains:

Vitamin A  -  which gives a shell and a protective layer that penetrates the innermost part of the hair and renews it.

Vitamin C  -  which fights oxidative stress (caused to the hair due to its coloring and causes graying hair and hair loss). Vitamin C in the refined and hair-adapted configuration of La Beaute is  a powerful antioxidant that fights oxidative stress and protects the hair over time. 

Vitamin Q10  -  which is a complex of various vitamins that prevent the weakening of the hair  restore its moisture  nourish it  soften it 

Pure keratin -  which gives the hair shine and a radiant look.

Cold-pressed organic argan oil - which gives  the hair moisture for a long time ,  makes it feel smoother and shinier ,  and helps it to be stronger and healthier .


Also suitable for use on hair extensions.


User manual:

Spread the serum on the hair evenly with the palms of your hands, emphasizing the ends of the hair. For use on damp or dry hair after using the shampoo and mask from the Red Fiber series.

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