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La Beaute - Intensive shampoo

Hair restoration shampoo, for intensive restoration of thick and dry to very dry hair. Also suitable for hair that has undergone dyeing, straightening and chemical treatments. No salts and no parabens.
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Enriched with pure keratin and cold pressed organic argan oil

Enriches the hair with intense moisture , restores , reduces volume and gives a protective shell to split ends 

A hair restoration shampoo that provides moisture , nourishment, retains moisture in her hair for a long time , makes the hair feel smoother and shiny , and helps it to be stronger and healthier 

Also suitable for use on hair extensions.

Instructions for use :

Sprinkle on wet hair with emphasis on the ends. Massage the hair gently until a rich foam builds up. Wait a minute to 2 minutes and rinse well. To complete the treatment, it is recommended to use an intensive hair mask.


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