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INOKIM Smart bike

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Smart electric bike

Smart electric bikes are no longer a regular electric bike model, it is a definition for real innovation!
The tool combines calculated power and high surface durability without any compromise on Inok's flagship lines - compactness, style and green energy efficiency, the model boasts of its fast folding advantage which is an exclusive and revolutionary advantage that is second to none, until you try - you will not understand!

A quiet and powerful electric motor than ever, smart and increased energy distribution to each rear wheel in the power of the W250 thanks to the world's highest quality lithium-ion battery, this motor allows riders strong torque and a driving range of up to 40 km at speeds up to 25 km / h.

Specifications and characteristics

• Innovative LED touch screen
• 14.5 "tire size
Removable battery
• LED lights on the sides
• Carrying weight up to 120 kg
• Up to 40 km driving range
• Innovative LED touch screen
• LED lights in the handles
• Front and rear braking system made by Tektro
• Luxurious seat with softener for soft travel
• Especially suitable for traveling by public transport or storing in a car
• Free lifelong treatments