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Bedroom & Vanity Set

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Bedroom & Vanity Set

Bedroom & Vanity Set
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Product Description

The Bedroom & Vanity Set is a perfect furniture set to add to your Sylvanian Families house. The set comes with a lovely bed, dressing table, shelf, and table in white and pink. The dressing table has a mirror that swivels between the arms. It also has a drawer you can pull out. The bed comes with a mattress, cover, and pillow. Small accessories such as a hair dryer, brush, and cosmetic bottles are also included. Combine with the Piano & Desk Set to add furniture in matching colours. Play together with various houses, furniture and figures for even more fun (all sold separately).

Bedroom & Vanity Set
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Box Contents

The Bedroom and vanity Set comes with a lovely bed, dressing table, shelf and table, linen, makeup, perfumes and lotions, a total of 29 pieces.

Bedroom & Vanity Set
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